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Who are we?

Our purpose is to make things better FOR you.

We offer a wide range of service, from space design, webdesign to digital & social marketing strategy.
We develop and create inventive and flexible solutions based on your real needs.
We can work together on every aspects of your business.
For you, we will explore possibilities, seek fresh perspectives and strive for efficiency and concrete results. We want to boost your potential to the highest, make every chances an opportunity and take your brand, your concept, your business further.
We will go the extra mile, we do not fear to adapt our concept, try new things, thinking out of the box.
We believe that your solution, your design should be unique.

What do we offer?

Space Design – More than Space.

With Nakama, be sure to be trendy, original and at the same time efficient. We are looking forward for new challenges and beyond, experiencing innovative concepts to satisfy your needs and offer you a unique project.

We believe in the power of space. We think that every space, every design serve a purpose, give a message and set an atmosphere. What about yours?

Communication Strategy – Connecting people, Opportunities booster.

In this new tech era, every business needs to be seen, to be “liked”. We bring your brand into the spotlight on social/digital Networks. We bring you closer to your audience, gathering a community.

We think and create events, online and offline, which transform chances into opportunities. Because growth and performance come from your interactions with the right people and us, at Nakama, want to make that possible for you.

Graphics and web design – Beyond the pictures, an Identity and a message.

From the simplest flyers to your website, we got you covered. If it can be printed, draw, inked, painted, screened – we can make it. Our team want to offer your audience the best experience possible.

For us “Creative”,”Trendy” and”Original” are a given, what’s important is your message, your identity. From that will emerge YOUR design, YOUR concept.

Let’s Work Together



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192 Avenue Winston Churchill
Uccle, Bruxelles